March Madness

I lost time for February, and I want to post a small thing for March (just to get this in). I know, I rarely post anymore, and I am sorry my fellow readers!

But March has come. And so has the Madness… because Midterms. 

Jeez, so many M’s!!

Haha I hope ypu all are well and surviving. I am trying my best.

Next week is spring break and I have 3 papers to crank out and an online post and presentation to prepare.

Yep. Hence the madness.

In 2 months, school is over. Wow. I am not even ready for it! WHAT HAPPENED TO SPRING 2017?!?!

well we shall hope that while spring takes over, so does positivity!!

I hope to post more next week. I’m going on adventures!!

Until then,

~RAWR from Sabrina ~


Hello February!

And hello homework and volunteer swamp!! Next month is midterm month already. HOLY CRAP!!

School has treated me great so far. I know it has been a while since I have posted. Still haven’t gotten into making posts a habit just yet. 

But February has been a great time with family. We also had San Diego comic fest as well. That was pretty awesome!!

Well hope March is a better tine for me to post.

Until then,

~RAWR from Sabrina~

Happy 23 to me.

Teehee. I am now 23.

Well as of 12:40 am this morning that is. I actually tried staying up to 12:40 but knocked out in the process.

Today though, was a whole lot of no school work and I went to the beach to get pampered.

What I waited for my sister to be done with her clients, my brothers and I headed to the beach. Boy, was there so much seaweed!!

Smelly stuff, but a lot of fun to squish! Haha. The tide was pretty high and I didn’t get to walk too far.

My sister gave me a facial and cupped my back. It was my 4th time getting cupped and it wasn’t bad at all. Haha it didn’t hurt!!

It was a great day for both mother and daughters. 😁

After our day at the beach, we went to go get cakes for tomorrow’s party. So that’ll be farily exciting. 😊

Gluten Free Tres Leches cake!

This was my little official birthday celebration before tomorrow with my brothers, little cousin, and my mom.

Now it’s pretty late and I’m just watching TV.

So until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~

A week into school!

Hey readers!

Sorry for no update. I know. I make so many plans to update, but I promise I will do my best to make it a regular thing to blog.

School is going to be hard work this semester, but I have a feeling, it will be great!!

Because my classes are awesome!! And so are my professors teaching the course. So I am pumped!!

It’s a week in and I have tried to keep up with the readings. I am determined. This is my last year as a undergrad. So I will make it count!!

And I believe I have bought myself the most books this semester.

I am pumped. This isn’t even counting my two ebooks too. 

Also happy Chinese New Year!!

YEAR OF THE ROOSTER!! (On my birthday) it’s awesome!! 😁🐓🐔🐥

Well that’s all for now, until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~

The weather!


So I totally forgot to tell you all about this weather this year so far!

Fountain in Downtown San Diego on January 5th

It has been rainy rainy rainy!! You all know how much I do enjoy the rain. It makes me happy.

But even happier after the rain and everything is so green and pretty!!

I am thankful for the 2017 rain. It is beautiful. I didn’t have a chance to take a photo of all the green I’ve been seeing, but I guess I’ll post them later.

This is it for now. Until then, 

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~

Healing Friday 

So today I was home sick. Thankfully it’s my day off. 

I soent today trying to do nothing. But that failed. I ended up cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and after my brother left to LA.

I watched some movies and took care of my craft stuff. I’m trying my best to keep my blog up as much as I can. I know I’m not the best with it so far, but be patient and kind. I will get there!!

I’m feeling a lot better than last night thankfully. Let’s hope I am ready for some more posts in the near future.

I’m also trying to get a December adventure post up a when I get a chance. That’s all for now, I need to rest up making sure I’m ready for work tomorrow.

Night readers!

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


So, Wednesday was a wreck after my post from earlier. I don’t even know how to explain it.

I found out I have the flu. I got medicine for it from my doctor. I was pretty bad. 

After the doctor, my brother and I were hungry so we went to the store to get all our groceries to cook. 

Because it was rainy, we were pretty cautious on the road until on our way home, WE ALMOST GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT.


It involved 3 cars but thankfully NO ONE was really injured. Minor bumps and dents to all the cars, but my spirit was uneasy after that. 

Ughhh if you all know me, it’s that I am highly terrified of car accidents. I absolutely HATE it. Probably why I don’t have my license yet.

But anyway, after that, I decided to cancel all my plans and then at night my brother and I went to Costco with our parents, and again, another close brush with an accident. It was so BAD. 

Just a terrible Wednesday.

I think the only thing that made my day was being able to talk my dear friend whom I have not seen in a while.

It was very nice. Kind of realize that I still have small flutters every time we talk. I miss him.

But yes. That’s it for Wednesday. Ugh what a horrendous day that was!!

~RAWR from Sabrina ~