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Hello lovely readers!!

So yesterday was the 4th of July!! And it was a special day. My family and I went to the zoo!

It was a big bundle of fun. Sadly my younger brother forgot the DSLR battery, so we didn’t get great photos, but thank goodness for smartphones. We got decent ones. 😊

First exhibit we went to see were the reptiles! I made a friend with the monitor lizard that was walking around. It posed with me!

Such an adorable creature!!

Surprisingly the zoo was not so crowded. It was a good crowd, and by that, I mean it was well enough thay we could see all the animals without waiting in a long line.

I also went to the petting zoo!! 

The amazing goats! 😍 I made friends with the white one. It liked me! Heehee almost like my Dante! He just needs a hat and glasses. This little guy decided to come as sit by me. What a little cutie. One day, I shall have a goat! 

Anyway, the weather was warm, but not uncomfortably warm. It was actually beautiful! When my family and I made our way down to see the marsupials, my sister arrived to the zoo.

We got to go see the rest of the animals. We also toured around the zoo once more to see the monkeys, tigers, and birds with my sister and her boyfriend.

Fun stuff! I unfortunately didn’t get too many photos of the animals, but I got great selfies with them. Haha!

We left the zoo around early evening before watching fireworks at our Aunt’s house. 

It was nice considering last year we were on a plane to Alaska and didn’t get to see much of the fireworks. 

But a nice evening with the family. My phone was dead by the end of the night, so not too many photos were taken.

But that’s all I have for now. Until my next adventure,

~RAWR from Sabrina ~

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Almost there.

I bought this dress for $26, it was originally $129. 😍

Good morning my readers.

Yes, it has been pretty crazy us students at the university.

It’s the final countdown!!

Haha. We only have 3 weeks left. Well technically 2. Finals week does not count. Bit this semester went by so fast!!

I registered for my fall classes on Monday. Well, since I was at work when my enrollment appointment started,  my friend enrolled for me. 😀

That helped ease a bit of my anxiety (Even though I had priority registration as a senior) 😂 but all is well!!

I’m taking 5 classes. I technically only need 3, but I decided 5 to finish my Education prerequisites. 😃 I AM DETERMINED TO FINISH!!!

Not sure as to what I’m going to do after I graduate as of yet. But I’m sure everything will fall into place. 

I also need to get my driver’s license too. Right now it’s a slow (and I mean SLOW) going process. Been half trying (well more like an eigth trying) for 4 years now. Haha.

Isn’t that wonderful?! 😂🤣

But I’m hoping summer. I need to, because I need to be an independent lady!!

So we will see. Oh yes. And my dress up top there that I got for a pretty sweet deal is mu graduation dress. I actually got it for no apparent reason. I just LOVE dress shopping, and that was the first dress I pulled.

As soon as I saw the price and the size, I was DONE. While I was walking around Macy’s with my dress, I thought, “OH MY GOD! I’m walking for graduation! This is my graduation dress!” 

And thus, a very logical reason to buy the dress for myself. 😁 I was so excited to wear it that I put it on at night while I cleaned my room. 😂 exciting stuff. 


I also decorated my cap last night. It’s so pretty! Thankful for washi tape! I was unsure on how I wanted to devorate it, but then I saw my washi tape and realized that:

 “Yes! Washi tape represents my dorky personality!!”

So here we are with my amazingly colorful cap. I also wanted to keep a color scheme going for my outfit as well with the gold. 👍

I am also still in the process of making Dante his cap and gown. 

Yes. My stuffed goat is walking with me to get my degree. 🐐

So yeah. I just realized how long this blog is. 😂 but I had a lot to say. Hoping to update you all on more!! That’s all for now. 

I am almost there!

Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~

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We have a shipment!!

Hello my fellow readers!!

I am excited to announce that this morning I woke up to a notification that I have an Etsy order!


I am so happy!! Now just to find the packaging tape. Haha!

I’ve only ever shipped out 4 orders, so this means so so much to me. I am a small etsy shop, so it is very exciting with each and every order.

Hopefully I grow some more. I need to use all my craft supplies. I keep buying more without using them. Haha, I have to stop myself from going to the craft stores. Especially in the ribbon isle.

Let’s wish this little package luck! I’m going to ship it sometime this coming week if I have the chance. 😁

Well that’s all for now. Haha hope you enjoyed my little blurb.

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~