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Almost there.

I bought this dress for $26, it was originally $129. 😍

Good morning my readers.

Yes, it has been pretty crazy us students at the university.

It’s the final countdown!!

Haha. We only have 3 weeks left. Well technically 2. Finals week does not count. Bit this semester went by so fast!!

I registered for my fall classes on Monday. Well, since I was at work when my enrollment appointment started,  my friend enrolled for me. 😀

That helped ease a bit of my anxiety (Even though I had priority registration as a senior) 😂 but all is well!!

I’m taking 5 classes. I technically only need 3, but I decided 5 to finish my Education prerequisites. 😃 I AM DETERMINED TO FINISH!!!

Not sure as to what I’m going to do after I graduate as of yet. But I’m sure everything will fall into place. 

I also need to get my driver’s license too. Right now it’s a slow (and I mean SLOW) going process. Been half trying (well more like an eigth trying) for 4 years now. Haha.

Isn’t that wonderful?! 😂🤣

But I’m hoping summer. I need to, because I need to be an independent lady!!

So we will see. Oh yes. And my dress up top there that I got for a pretty sweet deal is mu graduation dress. I actually got it for no apparent reason. I just LOVE dress shopping, and that was the first dress I pulled.

As soon as I saw the price and the size, I was DONE. While I was walking around Macy’s with my dress, I thought, “OH MY GOD! I’m walking for graduation! This is my graduation dress!” 

And thus, a very logical reason to buy the dress for myself. 😁 I was so excited to wear it that I put it on at night while I cleaned my room. 😂 exciting stuff. 


I also decorated my cap last night. It’s so pretty! Thankful for washi tape! I was unsure on how I wanted to devorate it, but then I saw my washi tape and realized that:

 “Yes! Washi tape represents my dorky personality!!”

So here we are with my amazingly colorful cap. I also wanted to keep a color scheme going for my outfit as well with the gold. 👍

I am also still in the process of making Dante his cap and gown. 

Yes. My stuffed goat is walking with me to get my degree. 🐐

So yeah. I just realized how long this blog is. 😂 but I had a lot to say. Hoping to update you all on more!! That’s all for now. 

I am almost there!

Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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