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So last Tuesday and Wednesday I went to go observe my cousin and little brother’s schools.

Tuesday I observed my cousin’s 1st grafe class and it was a lot of fun. His classmates were so cute! They were very entertained by a new observer in the class.

He goes to a different school district than I did when I was in elementary school, so seeing the difference from my experience to his is quite interesting.

It’s also quite different from the elementary school that I’m observing now. But it was a half day, so we had a great time from 7:55-12:15. His classmates all liked asking me questions and were very engaging. Haha

On Wed, I went to my younger brother’s school. He’s a Junior in High School, and man, I don’t miss the High School system.

His first class was Chem, and I almost fell asleep!! I understand how bad it is for him. Haha. His photo class was fun. They were watching Moana because they had a sub. Then we went to Spanish.

That was a good refresher on my Spanish skills. Lol and then after that was Math. He also had a long term sub in that class so they were studying for their test. My little brother’s friebd from fourth grade called me out. At first I didn’t recogbize him, but then he smiled and in my mind I though wait, I remember now. Kids grow up so fast!

And after math is was lunch. Nothing too interesting there. Then for his English period I observed a 12th grade English course which was nice. Then after, we went to history.

His friends in his class were shocked I was in college, they though I was 16! My goodness, I was kind of trying not to blend in. Haha but after that we went home.

At night my mom and I went to go watch The Shack. That film made me tear up somewhat. It was very good. But also very religious. I was not really expecting that, so I didn’t understand some of the motifs the film was  incorporating.

But that was the middle of the week.
~RAWR from Sabrina ~


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