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Since the concert was in Anaheim, I thought Why not hit up Disneyland as well?? So I bought us tickets, and we definitely had a blast.

I didn’t get too many pictures this day, but oh well. I was too busy enjoying the rides and the time with my brothers.

I also took Dante and Sarafina with me. 😁😀 they loved it. Though most rides I had to keep them in my bag.

We were all matching though!! How exciting!! Haha. The first ride we hit up was Space Mountain, and the wait was about 60 min. In that time, I decided to read my book and annotate it.

Also found out they will be closing the Tarzan Teahouse soon!! WHAT?!?! What is this madness?!?! Ah well, luckily got to see it one. last. time.

And we almost didn’t get to ride the Indiana Jonse ride. But we waited, and we got to ride it at last!! The last time I came to Disney, it was closed.

Splash Mountain was our last stop. It was closed for a bit so my brothers and I found a place to eat that offerred gluten free and corn free options for us.

That was good!! I care for my brother, and if there is nothing he can eat, he will starve. So I took extra care in researching a place. After we were fueled, we went back and my god.


We raced to get to the end and it was great!

We flexed!! My brother’s fist blocked my mouth!! 🙁 ah well.

We had great times.

Now awaiting the next few years to see if we can go to California Adventure. Haha

~RAWR from Sabrina ~


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