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Happy 23 to me.

Teehee. I am now 23.

Well as of 12:40 am this morning that is. I actually tried staying up to 12:40 but knocked out in the process.

Today though, was a whole lot of no school work and I went to the beach to get pampered.

What I waited for my sister to be done with her clients, my brothers and I headed to the beach. Boy, was there so much seaweed!!

Smelly stuff, but a lot of fun to squish! Haha. The tide was pretty high and I didn’t get to walk too far.

My sister gave me a facial and cupped my back. It was my 4th time getting cupped and it wasn’t bad at all. Haha it didn’t hurt!!

It was a great day for both mother and daughters. 😁

After our day at the beach, we went to go get cakes for tomorrow’s party. So that’ll be farily exciting. 😊

Gluten Free Tres Leches cake!

This was my little official birthday celebration before tomorrow with my brothers, little cousin, and my mom.

Now it’s pretty late and I’m just watching TV.

So until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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