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So, Wednesday was a wreck after my post from earlier. I don’t even know how to explain it.

I found out I have the flu. I got medicine for it from my doctor. I was pretty bad. 

After the doctor, my brother and I were hungry so we went to the store to get all our groceries to cook. 

Because it was rainy, we were pretty cautious on the road until on our way home, WE ALMOST GET INTO A CAR ACCIDENT.


It involved 3 cars but thankfully NO ONE was really injured. Minor bumps and dents to all the cars, but my spirit was uneasy after that. 

Ughhh if you all know me, it’s that I am highly terrified of car accidents. I absolutely HATE it. Probably why I don’t have my license yet.

But anyway, after that, I decided to cancel all my plans and then at night my brother and I went to Costco with our parents, and again, another close brush with an accident. It was so BAD. 

Just a terrible Wednesday.

I think the only thing that made my day was being able to talk my dear friend whom I have not seen in a while.

It was very nice. Kind of realize that I still have small flutters every time we talk. I miss him.

But yes. That’s it for Wednesday. Ugh what a horrendous day that was!!

~RAWR from Sabrina ~


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