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Finals  are almost over!

Hello my readers. 

Just a really quick update, before I forget to post anything for December.

I finished most of my finals for this semester, and I pray to any lord out there that I am heard and pass all of my classes! ughhh…

But aside from school stuff, work is great! well, not really. but I mean we get Christmas weekend off and New Years weekend as well.

New Year’s eve is my friend’s wedding, so that is going  to be so much fun!!

And speaking of holidays, I TRIED GINGERBEAD COOKIES! Meaning I made them. my first attempt and I’m proud of it. 😁

Haha and of course, some of them got dismembered, so I made something out of it. I accidentally added too much flour because I miscounted my flour scooping, but they’re yummy none the less.

I don’t know about you, but when I used to have gluten and whenever I ate gingerbread cookies, I never really liked them. Probably because they were all store bought and hard…🤔

But now, with my new baking skills, they are absolutely delish! I forgot which site it was that I got my recipie from, but I should link the. or something huh? because the people who came up with the recipie deserves credit!

And on a crafting note, I need to go into a crafting hibernation. I have been so swamped! my goodness it’s not even funny. but as the year comes closer to a close, I shall be happy to say, I will have more bows and stuff to publish for you all!

Well that’s it for now, until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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