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Work work work work work.

So my weeks have ultimately been consumed by both work and school. 😭

It is so sad!!

And I’ve been working 40-45 hours plus being a full time student. Yeah one of the things in my life is bound to fail. 🤒🤕😖

It has been a while. But I try to make the most of my days off. Work has been slow at some points with the rushes in here and there. But it’s been weighing on me. Still think work is death….

But money… is money really that good??

Haha I’m a slave to the money… money drives the work in the work.

Speaking of work as well, I really need to read for one of my classes. I’ve been skipping on the readings, but I’m paying for this class and not putting my max effort into it.

Well I shall soon. Right after this week. Then I’ll be back to my 30 hours.

That’s all for now.

Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


3 thoughts on “Work work work work work.

  1. Hey Sabrina,

    While I do not know what it is like to work necessarily 40-45 hour work weeks on top of school, I used to work two part-time jobs while being a full-time student and it could be draining. Best wishes in your studies though; my grandmother would remind me that I am there 1st to get an education and 2nd to work. It was not as easy to hear because it’s hard to get a higher education without having X amount of money but overall I understood the statement. Getting money is great but it is not everything nor should it rule our lives….life is too short for that, no ?

    ~ Authen


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