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My summer week in Alaska.

As promised my sweets, I shall write about my week in Alaska that was in early July. Haha almost a month and a half late, I know. I am terribly sorry! But first let me elaborate on how GORGEOUS this state is!


I mean look at this! You don’t see rivers like this in Cali! I was absolutely blown away. I loved the nature scene. It was absolutely astounding. I had a blast! A tad chillier than here in sunny SoCal, but I mean I love it.

The first day, we went to go drive all the way to Fairbanks. And boy was it quite a drive! We made a pitstop in Denali and I got to photograph the beautiful river you see up there!


I also picked up these beauties! Yes, I love the way they look!



We camped out next to a little lake and it was quite interesting. Only downside was ALL the mosquitos!! Goodness I was ready to die…. Good thing there weren’t too many bites that I had to endure.

Another thing, daylight is PRESENT all the time!!! I couldn’t get to sleep that well up in beautiful Alaska because of the change of lighting. Like wow. Haha

Anyways, we camped out for one night and then went to go to the hot springs. It was an interesting place. A pool for the kids and then the hot springs for people 18 and above. I had a nice time. Sorry no photos though. I was very busy there. Haha Though I think I did have them on my phone. Ah well, I am too lazy to get it out right now. XD Ahaha I am amazing…

Anyways, the day we got back from the hot springs, it was pretty late. We got well rested and waited for our next adventure to hike!! Of course, it was a tad cloudy there. Like so:


Being from sunny Southern California, I thought the weather would soon lighten up. Right?Well I guessed wrong! Hahaha it actually POURED on us!!



It was bad enough there was left over snow there too! Haha but other than that, it was definitely an adventure with the Alaskan weather! I was a little cranky by the end of it. Yes, I had to admit that, but I mean it’s not like I won’t do it again. XD


The next day after the hike, we camped out at this area where they were netting salmon. It was a great and fun turn out. Learned a lot about netting salmon and the local Alaskan life. Haha it was all great fun! We were beat by the time we got home from that two day camping.


But look! I made his Alaskan wide flower crown! I think it’s beautiful! Haha yeah.then the day we went home, we took a shower before heading to bed for day.

well I ;am getting sleepy, and I took some medicine right now for a bad cold I have, hopefully you were all able to catch up! I will update as soon as possible!!

Until then,

~RAWR from Sabrina~





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