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It’s already the end of August.

Goodness gracious I have been so put of it my lovelies!!

I am so sorry. This summer has taken a large toll on me so I haven’t been able to post at all. Sadly. But I’m sure not many of you really missed me right?

Haha I’m kidding. Goodness I can be so rude to myself. Anyways, school is next week and I haven’t even updated all of you on my Alaska adventures!!

That makes me so sad. Hopefully when I have time. If I do have the time. I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT!!


In other news, look at my pretty little boho journal! I absolutely love it! I made this the back cover… and this…


Is the front! It says:

“ADVENTURE with good vibes and a ray of Happiness”

Which is definitely what we need in times of darkness. I’ve also been pretty busy working on an online class with one of my professors, and boy, is it tough!

I spent most of August working on all the powerpoints!! And now, a week before school, I must get the forums ready. *huff huff* I CAN DO IT!!

Also for my fall semester, all of my classes gathers about 16 texts total needed for the courses. Talk about WOW.

I shall show you all when I get home. My goodness this summer was supposed to be about me getting betyer at organization, but look how well that turned out! Haha well that’s it for now.

Until then…

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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