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Hello hello!

14 days into June and Summer from school has officially started. I apologize for long over due updates! Goodness me. Work has gotten me tired out and pretty busy. Haven’t gotten to touch my laptop too much either.


June also started with a MASSIVE bruise on my knee! It got worse after one day working. That was sad. 😑

But yeah. Got started on developing the Fall course online with my professor a couple weeks ago. It was good fun. Putting in the quizzes is quite tedious though.

Here are some adventures I have been on.


I had a baking craze day. I binge watched Fuller house and baked a cake, chocolate chip cookies, and tried out some lemon cookies. They were all very nice!!


Went to the chicken coop to clean our chickens at the farm. It was HOOOTT!! but I got to see my sweet babies since it has been a while. We have to put them there. It’s about a 20 minute drive, but well worth it for my sweets.


This was my cousin’s bithday party. We got to go swimming and I made diy dinosaurs out of napkins and plastic forks. 😂 pretty nifty if I do say so myself. Took some underwater photos with my S7 too. That was amazing!

That’s all I’ll post for this blog. It’s almost the ebd of June and where have I been?! Haha shall give you more June posts soon!!

Until then,

~RAWR from Sabrina ~


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