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May May May.

So by the end of May, my amazing sister and brother both graduated!!


I didn’t get many pictures of my sister because their graduations were both at the same time.


It was pretty hot in the heat, but traffic after graduation was a pain as well. We got home late to pick up  food from my work as well. The evening’s was pretty calm. Just a lot of family from my dad’s side over and later a lot of the relatives from my mom’s side went to attend my mom’s aunt’s party. So it was just us.


We hung out late. My sister and I caught up and a few of my buddies came over too. That was a lot of fun.


The day after I went to work. A week after that, we had the BIG party for my sister and brother.

Friday morning though, I had to wake up early to go to the farm with my mom a dad.


We went to go get two piggies. It was HOT. But all fun. I got to see CUTE pot belly piglets!!


Yess!! Then we went home around 2 pr so and I went to work.

The day after that was May 28th and it was the BIG party day!! It was a lot of work. At least 80 or more people in my house. Yeah.


It was a nice Hmong ceremony where we tie strings for good luck on the guests of honor. It was nice. But LONG.  So many dishes as well!!

But  I got to wind down after that. Got to catch up with my cousins on my dad’s side and that was pretty neat. We don’t get those often enough.

But yeah. Ending May off with that was pretty amazing. I also passed all of my classes!! My worst grade was a C+. Oh well… the rest were As and Bs.

That’s all for now.

Until then,

~RAWR from Sabrina~


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