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Thursday, Friday, SPRING BREAK!

Hello hello!

Long time no update. So last week, Thursday, I took my midterm. I think I failed. I went back to my community college campus and met with club members and caught a glimpse of the special someone… 🙂 heehee thay was beautiful….

And then went home. At night, my parents and I went to go hiking!!


Finally!! It has been aay too long. I had a great time and then went home to relax or wallow in my small glimpse of freedom.


Friday I had a great time with my high school friends. We went to the mall and explored. You know, girl time. Because apparently I don’t get that much. 😂 and yes. We went out for froyo and had fun reading my little short story.

Then I went home and changed to my work clothes and went to work.

Work was busy busy, and I went home really tired. I decided to have some drinks with my brother. I went overboard and took shots.

Upon that amazing endeavor, yes, I went over my limit and did a stupid thing. 😑

I am NOT doing that again. I don’t like the drunk feeling. At. All. No. No. No.


But anyways. So I had work the next day. Hungover, yeah I am smart… and I lasted for… about 3 hours because we were slow. I threw up in total 5 times that day. I could not eat what so ever.

But I went home sick. And told my coworker I was hungover, but my boss I was sick. At home I slept most the day away and then cleaned up my mess on my bed the previous night.

Haha yes. I am not doing that again!!

But moving on to SUNDAY!!


It was my little cousin’s birthday and I had a lot of fun seeing my sweet little ones. It was great. Food was awesome and I had a ball playing with snapchat and having family time.

Now on to this week. SPRING BREAK HAS COME!

I need to get my life back together this week. And WONDERCON IN LA on Thursday to Sunday!

Well more to come soon folks. Thanks for reading!!

Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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