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Geology books. ^_^


Last week my GEOLOGY BOOKS ARRIVED!! It was Thursday to be exact. THEY ARE A WEEK OLD!! 😍

I adore them. Lol I’m such a nerd. But anyways.


This books is definitely beautiful. I love the visuals. And look! My Azurite. How nice nice nice!

Still need to obtain a rhodochrosite sample. 😕 one day. It’s a nice shade of red. The geology dictionary has a lot of useful terms. 😁 (useful for me anyways)


Look! They fit right in with my other books. I am amazing. Haha I showed one of my buddies and he asked “So, what’s your major again? ”

I sheepishly blushed with the geology glow in my eyes muttering “English…”

Haha but who cares! BOOKS! I just need time to actually READ them and not just flip through them. Haha maybe on my Alaska trip huh? Haha yeah.

Well that is all for now folks…

And SPRING BREAK!! (AKA get your shit done Sabrina week)

Well until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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