Daily Rant · Doodles

Tattoo sleeve.


So this was on Sunday, started my sleeve on Saturday night actually.

It was interesting. I actually wanted to experiment with a tattoo sleeve. And I did with an array of colored markers and some time on my hands. (Which could have been better spent to be honest).

But here is my “tattoo” sleeve!




Like a whole modge podge of all different kinds of stuff. I know.

I had no theme. This is why I can’t do tattoos personally. On my body. It’d be real neat. But I think I’m just a temporary tat girl. I do think tattoos are cool. And meanings behind them, definitely beautiful. But it’s not for me.

Experimemting with it? Yes. That I can do. Some people have said I should get into tattooing. But that’s a whole different realm of things. Maybe. It’d be real cool!

But like one of my friends put it:

“Getting a tattoo and seeing the artist is a little not tattooed asian girl, that’s just weird.”

Haha but anways. I was just doodling. I should redo an amazing sleeve huh? This took… I believe uo to 3 hours in total. I took so many breaks. 😂

But yeah. That’s all for now. I have to go and English out my paper now. Good night!!

And until then…

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~



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