Daily Rant · Gluten-free

Pizza night. Again!


It’s that time again! I was cravinf pizza, and my brother just so happened to be going to the grocery store yesterday. And yep, I got my pizza mix! Wooo! I was happy.


This time I FOLLOWED the instructions and the turn out was awesome! I am getting better, I must admit. Haha but I also do have the annoying “It’s okay I got this” syndrome in which causes my tendency to not follow instructions. 😂


But this was the turn out! I must say it was delectably satisfying! My crave for pizza was met.

Except I need to remember what else I want for topping. This one had basil, spinach, salami, vegan cheese, mushrooms, and one with bellpepper the other without. (Because my dad absolutely loathes bellpepper)

For my next one I should play with it more. I forgot my olives. 😮 *GASP* And pineapple!

Haha for my next one. 😉

By the by, I also want to experiment with cakes. I’m going to try the tre leches cake too!

Of course gluten-free and dairy-free!

So maybe tomorrow. Well that’s all for now, until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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