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Beowulf…. First 11 lines.

Hey hey hey!! I know, I know… two weeks since my last blog, I’m sorry! It’s been hectic… but anyways….

So as you guy already know, I am an English major, and in one of my classes we’re going through Beowulf! How fun right?!

Yes yes it definitely is amazing. Haha the epic battle and learning the ways of the Anglo-Saxons and their journeys and cultural importance!

But, we have a lot of quizzes in my class as well. And well not doing so well on some of them, my professor made an offer to the class. Since we are doing line recitations in Old English (yes… the old Germanic English), she stated to the class that anyone who memorizes and recites all 11 lines of the intro to Beowulf, she’ll replace 10 points for the lowest quiz.

My take?


It’s going to be great! Pronunciation is rather interesting. But I did almost (yes, almost because I’m still having trouble with it) memorize the first 4 lines! I am almost there… 7 more to go!

My line to recite is the 9th line:

“oðæt him æghwylc   þara ymb-sittendra”

which means:

“until all areas we edged with were besieged”

Isn’t it great?! Haha I think it will be fun. Allowing me to delve into the deep depths of Old English and the history of this language we use today.

well, we’ll see how I do. That’s all for now. Until then,

~RAWR from Sabrina~




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