Daily Rant · Gluten-free

I swear I’m going to gain 10 pounds.


I have done it again!

Now I know… I know… it’s like “Sabrina?! You need to eat healthy!” But I’m a college student, and healthy food is pricey right?

But I also miss my junk food. So I have COOKIES… Haha


Those are my chocolate chip cookies. I swear I’m going to be a pro with chocolate chip cookies. 😂 this time some I bake half of them regular and the other half I added cocoa powder and marshmallows to the other.

I think they’re good!




Yes my readers. Dinosaurs. Imade them dinosaurs! Because they are awesome!


I actually put my cookie cutters to use. 🙂 it was great!


I also frosted them green. I watch Laura in the Kitchen and learned how to make my sugar cookies. They are awesome!!

Sadly I didn’t put any sprinkles on them because I couldn’t find any gluten-free and soy-free ones. 😐

But anyways. Yep! My bake rant. That is all for now. Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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