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Yesterday I finished my first week of school, and also went out at night. But aside from that. During the day I was crafting!! And here I made my latest bow.


I call it:
☆☆ “Mapping Nautical Stars” ☆ ☆

Why? Well you can see why. Haha


I love cork jars too. They are so cute and crafty. So I incorporated them into the bow.

Also… music. This one is: Musical Daydream

I finished them last night but didn’t take any photos. They look beautiful!

But here is the concept photo.


Also, I was feeling crafty earlier last week and made:



Yes! A blue flower crown!! Gorgeous right? Haha I’m hoping to make more to sell. This one’sgot peals on it too. 💕 much loveliness!


And yep, Mr. Spigot was my model. Haha not sure if I blogged about him yet. But here he is!

Also earlier this week on Wednesday, I went to Michael’s and got a boat load of supplies!! I spent $70! It would have been $90… thank goodness for coupons!! Haha I’m going to make more Disnye bows soon. ❤

That’s all for now. Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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