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Hello folks!

So yesterday was oodles of fun! And… also… a big announcement!




You know my friend which my heartstrings fall for?! ON SATURDAY OF LAST WEEK….

Yes… this was what happened!!


Oh how my heart sings!!

And…. oh my, how I so wish it was definitely true. 😂😂😂 but nope. Tis not true. Sadly. Maybe one day. But not now.

I DID see him last Saturday, and we had such a great time catching up. I got to see his puppy and we got to enjoy one another’s dorky-ness.

There were moments when he was a little touchy. He pulled me into a playful hug, he patted my arm, and…

When we left the restaurant, I had a little something on my face, and he decided to (INSTEAD of telling me) reached over and got it off for me.


My heart was racing at that point. And I felt that maybe… just MAYBE… something was there… you know?!

But after our ‘date’ (or adventure I should say), he dropped me off at home around 2pm. And then I texted him that night.

Well that was interesting. He still tells me that the idea of “us” shouldn’t be put out. We can still be friends, but in a relationship, he and I haven’t reached that time.

Now I know.  Why am I still feeling for him, right? Well it’s complex (as it always is). We built an amazing friendship together, and who knows, it may or may not happen. We’re in two different places in life, but it’s not like a relationship is on both of our top priority lists anyways.

I just wanted to be honest with him and tell him how I felt. And communication is definitely needed in any kind of friendship.

So I see it in that way. He still makes swoon a bit. But not as much as before. And I think I like it that way. Maybe he’ll realize it too one day. But I’ll leave that story as that for now.

Moving on to yesterday! So my buddy and I decided to hang out for my birthday. And we went to Chili’s. It waa super busy so we walked around and I talked to him about the “person of interest” situation, and it was good. I also bought a ring online and it came in on my birthday, so I decided to wear it out. (YES, on my ring finger) when out table was ready, we went to sit down, and then our waitress came to get out drink orders and noticed my ring and gasped.


She asked when I got engaged. And I just played along. I said it was last Saturday. And she was a really sweet person and it made me feel happy. So I told a lie. (I know, so sneaky!) But I had a great time. Haha


She definitely made my night. After Chili’s, my friend and I left a good tip before walking at the pier and talking more about my “boy” issues. And he’s been a good friend throughout the years and after high school, our friendship grew closer so he has seen me go through a lot. He’s like a brother to me and it’s nice to see that he is here to rationalize my thoughts as well.

But we walked arounf the pier, and as you can see… I took photos of my “engagement” ring. It is beautiful no?


Haha but yes. We joked around and it was good. We had a great time catching up and not wanting to talk about school. Haha anyways…

This entry has gone on long enough. I apologize!

But that’s it for now, until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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