Daily Rant · Gluten-free

PIZZA TIME!! (Baking rant)

So this week I also baked some more…


The other day was more cookies and cake!


I think I’m improving and becoming pro at the cookies!! They taste great and they aren’t too crunchy.


This was my second attempt, first attempt solo, at cakes. I bought some berries… and they were really yummy!


So those were my dessert endeavors… now yesterday, I went to Sprouts and bought the gluten-free pizza flour.


Of course, me being me, I don’t follow directions well, so I kind of winged the whole thing. I forgot to buy yeast, so I looked for recipes without yeast. Having absolutely no idea what I was doing, I just prayed tgey came out well.

The results?


A little more of a hot mess I would say. 😅 but I mean I tried!


But they DID taste like pizza. Haha and I also used the vegan mozzarella cheese as well! It was amazing! :mrgreen:

They tasted well and I had a good time making them!


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