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Rock rant.

So, I am starting to explore more within my rock collection and I came up with a goal:

Gather rocks from all over the US.

So far I have:

❤ California  (of course. 😂)
❤ Florida
❤ Arizona
❤ Washington

That is about 4/49. I know there are 50 states, but Hawaiian rocks and sands and other sediments of that bature from the land are said to be cursed. Pele’s curse. Pretty scary stuff

Now, I know it might sound absurd, but I do want to respect the culture in which the rock would be coming from. So I will just take a photo of the rock I wish to have. I am superstitious in a way, and my own culture does believe in a lot of spiritual things. So just keeping me out of harm’s way I guess you can say.

Anyways, I have two boxes for my collections!

One for my minerals:

It looks so teeny now!

And one for my state rocks:

So many from CA. Hah

This is really exciting. I’m happy I have friends from all over. Some good friends from online I’ve been talking to for years are happy to add to my collection.

My friend from North Dakota wants to send me some from North and South Dakota and maybe even Minnesota!

I have a friend who goes to Colorado for the holidays to visit his parents, so I asked him to bring me back a rock while he’s there. (I have high expectations for that geologist)

My friend got me one from his conference in Utah. I still have yet to get it. But yeah.

💕😍 truly exciting stuff.

My friend from the UK will also be sending me a rock!! MY FIRST FOREIGN ROCK!

Yes! Call me crazy. But rocks are beautiful and I am happy my collection is growing!

Well that’s all for now, until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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