Daily Rant · Feeling

Strange dream.

Also, I woke up from a very odd dream.

I have feelings (unmutual I think) for a friend. He’s been busy so he hasn’t been texting as usual, but I get it because of his job.

But anyways. I woke up from a strange dream. Last night I poured into my journal and then watched some youtube videos before bed.

This morning I awoke from a fairly odd dream of he and I. Apparently, we were getting married. His parenrs sent me some outfits (formal wear) in preparation for each day of the wedding. And it was strange because they were three different saris, but tye guy himself is not even Indian… he’s Caucasian! But I mean, I also did watch my bollywood films the previous night too.

It was odd. But for some reason, I felt both happy and also insecure. I was happy I would be with him. But I was also thinking, he can’t be serious?

And in truth. It was all a dream.

But at some point on the way to a part of the ceremonies, we stopped to have a bathroom break. (Apparently this was a ways away from where we live) and in the end, I just remember running in down halls of a church in my blue sari.

I felt giddy and happy chasing around a few of my friends.

I didn’t see “him” much in the dream. But what I felt/still feel for him was present. We did have a chat in the dream before the wedding preparations.

But yeah. It was a weird dream. Well that’s all for now. Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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