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So this I guess this year will be my beauty exploration year. I seldomn wear make up besides lipsticks, so doing a little more with the face will be interesting. Also, I usually have my hair in a braided updo, a bun, or a half up half down. When I’m feeling formal, I curl. But I used the curling wand.

And let’s face it. Heat is not always good for the hair. So I’ve been doning some looking and wanted to try out heatless curling. Today I’m doing the overnight sockbun curls. We’ll see how it turned out. I put this in at about 11:30 last night.


It wasn’t uncomfortable to sleep with which was good.


Also here is what I began with after changing out of my pajamas. Haha today is a white day. And for my face I’m trying something. I jave no clue what to call it. But here.


Haha yep. I’m still begining so. Not so good. But anyways off to hair. The curls were actually very nice. Soft and sweet.


I like them. They weren’t so tight as the heat iron curls so it’s good. My hair feels happy. I ran a little bit of coconut oil in there. And that is all for now. I guess. Haha

Well until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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