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Gluten free and dairy free baking!


I baked cookies last night! They are yummy! I used the gluten free all purpose flour and some coconut flour to make them. Plus vegan butter and coconut oil.

Oh before I go on… let me just say: COCONUTS ARE THE BEST THING EVER.

You have
Coconut milk~ ❤
Coconut oil ~ ❤
Coconut flour ~ ❤
Coconut water ~ ❤

Coconut what can’t you do?! 😙😍

Haha anyways. aside from my kookoo coconut rant… these cookies are definitely delicious!

My bakibg skills are advancing! I hope… haha and I also tried:



I’ve tried and failed. Tried and failed. Tried and failed…. 3 times now! But… never fear!!


I successfully made it! (Kind of) It still needs a not of perfecting, but I mean this time it looks like it. And tastes good too! 🙂

I am prod of it so far. Tomorrow I have a few friendscoming over and I’ve been so psyched to try out a cake and just recently thought of making donuts!

So we will see what “healthy” baking advances arise tomorrow!!

Until then,

~ RAWR from Sabrina ~


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