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So on Tuesday, it was a fairly fun kind of day. I went to down town San Diego with my brother and sister. We gpt a bit of our Christmas shopping done.

Then I went back to school to pick up a project of mine.

Not too much after that.


WEDNESDAY was super duper fun!

I had a great time just hanging with one of my friends from high school. We went back to my first college and hung around. I got to see a special someone 😉 and then after my friend was done with his finals we went out to eat and then went to watch Krampus.

No spoilers, but I mean I cracked jokes the whole time. It was just my friend and I as well as one other person.

Oh it was a hilarious theater experience! Haha

That was all that occured in those two days so far.

Shall do Thursday and Friday next! 🙂


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