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So, on Thursday I went to see my chiropractor after two weeks. I am improving!!


And also went out to breakfast with my brother. Overall a pretty busy day. After we ate, we went back to school and I went to go take my last final!

And yeah. Then after that I had work. Which was nothing special… again… as usual.

Then on Friday, I went on a present run AND made a gingerbread house with three of my friends!


I think we made a pretty cool little gingerbread house. šŸ™‚ very nice for the first time trying! Haha yes.

It was also very nice catching up with a close friend I haven’t seen in ages! He was only planning for a small visit, but ended up spending half the day with me. Haha I am evil I know. 😂

But it was all in good fun. We had a great time together.

And yep, that is all for those two days…



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