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SATURDAY : Happy Hmong New Year!


Time has cime and HMONG NEW YEAR ARRIVES! Yay! San Diego new year is only 3 days. But still amazing none the less.

I wore my blue outfit this year. It’s been a while and I realized how fat I got. 😦 No bueno! Well, I know what my goal is for 2016!

Lol or for every year.

Anyways. This year it was sunny-ish/ cloudy-ish and pretty darn cold for socals. But I actually lasted in the clothes from 10am-3pm. Probably the max I’ve ever lasted!

It was really fun seeing my family and all the other members of the Hmong community all dressed up!

Makes me feel proud to be a Hmong girl.

Yep. And then tomorrow is the last day I’ll be going for this year because I work on Monday. Ah well.

Tomorrow is also a family Christmas party. So I’m pretty excited about that too.

That is all for now. I am beat. Came home from the park and baked two batters of cupcakes.

Now to clean up and hit the hay.

Good night! 😀


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