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By the way…

I forgot to mention….



Sure… it MAY be small… BUT IT MAKES ME HAPPY. 😋😙ā¤

It is just a beautiful little thing. Totally fits in with my collection.


Now on the hunt for more pretty rocks. My collection goal is to have a rock from each state!! (EXCEPT Hawaii, because… you know… Pele’s curse… and I believe in that stuff).

Anyways…. I am hoping to get a New York rock and an Alaska rock next year on my future planned trips. I already have a handful.of Washington rocks. 😁

I have a buddy visiting family in Colorado, so naturally, I asked for a rock in return. šŸ™‚ He must think I’m crazy. Then again… when am I not, right?

Haha well that is all for now. I promise. Haha! Maybe. Unless I rant about something else… I’m sure I’ll find something in a span of a minute….

OHH YES I DO. You just wait til the next post!  😈


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