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Baking!! ^0^ andnother stuff… BABIES!

Hey hey hey!! So last night, after my “amazing” long full day of work…


I’m trying out gluten-free/ dairy-free sweets because I am now on the diet. Yes, my chiropractor said it is beneficial to me.

So, I was craving baked goods and decided to take matters into my own hands…

And here we are!


I made chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies. 😄 I attempted the chocolate chip one on Saturday night too. They came out different but were delicious none the less. I used gluten-free baking flour as well as coconut flour. I’m also trying out a dairy-free butter which does the job nicely. ☺


And yes. I was baking at an ungodly hour. Both Saturday and Sunday night that leaked into the next day. Saturday I started at 11:30 pm and didn’t finish until 1-2 am (that doesn’t wven count clean up).

Last night though was a little faster. I started around 10 pm and finished around 12:30 am… well roughly the same time but last night included clean up. :mrgreen:

Ohh yes, and by the way, weather is getting a lot colder. Spent Friday afternoon and Sunday night scrambling around in the POURING RAIN. YES. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CAN RAIN. (And we need all we can get). But yeah.

Friday I was out in the rain. To put buckets out and collect rain. Sunday night it was more dramatic as I rain out there in SHORTS and a thin cotton long sleeve making sure all my chickens were covered.

You see the things I do for the love of my babies?!


Haha anyways. Oh yes. And also on another note.


These wittle babies hatched a week or two ago. Aren’t they precious?! 😘

I love them! Kinda. Maybe.

Who am I kidding… OF COURSE I DO!!

Well that is all I have for now. Until my adventure tomorrow! Good night and sleep tight my fellow readers!


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