Daily Rant · School · Work

School projects and new diet.

Joy, getting put on the gluten-free and dairy-free diet. Just saw my chiropractor on Thursday, so… that’s exciting right?

Eh I guess I can deal…

But…. but…. cakes… pizza… 😦

Oh well.

On that note, I have a few projects left for school, and OH MY IT’S ALREADY NOVEMBER. (basically after this week)



But yeah I have an Essay for my Harry Potter class, one more for my Disney class, another upcoming for my literature class, and a lagoon project for coastal environments.

I got an A on my first English essay (YAY!!!) Got a pass on my first Disney essay, and hopefully I passed my coastal environments midterm…

Because I finished it in 10 minutes. Haha!

Well yeah.

Basically a school rant in this one.

That’s all…
Now for work… nooo…..

The dreadful day ahead!


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