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From Sunday to Thursday.


So Sunday was a glorious day! Had a sweet morning date with a good friend, then went home and hung out before going out for my mom’s birthday!

It was pretty amazing. Café Sevilla in downtown San Diego. A very nice place. 🙂

And Monday… well it was a Monday… school and work….

Tuesday though!!


I GOT A NEW ROCK!! My chalcanthite sample came in. Made me very happy!!

And yesterday was my friend’s birthday so after class I went to hang with her and I went to the Geo Sci club meeting!! Been way too long. I MISS IT.


It was very nice. I am happy.

Now for today… went to visit the Geo Science table for Earth week. And it waa awesome. Got to see some old faces. That was a bit of fun. I liked it.

Now just waiting to meet my good friend back at school. So far, a happy Week.


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