Daily Rant · Feeling · School · Work

Hello…strange dream.

Been almost a week I know.

Well so, classes are good. Not totally dying just yet. But still almost getting pulled under the surface.

That certain someone and I had a chat, and it was nice. Made my heart song a little.

Work has been work. Not too busy, so I guess I can’t complain.

Oh but today I had the strangest dream that I had a daughter. She was the cutest baby ever and I loved her. Awww! Her and her chubby cheeks!! She was in pink, I remember that, and she was a very sweet little thing
Aww. Maybe about, 5 months old? I adored her.

Then I woke up feeling overly maternal. Yeah it was strange! But that’s all for now.


Hope life is doing well for all of you guys!


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