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Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday

So Friday came along, and I cleaned most the day then my friend came over and we hung out and watched a bollywood movie. 🙂

Classic Movie, definitely LOVE IT.

We also got pizza too!

Carolina's custom pizza!

The movie was about 3 hours, but totally worth it as always

We're amazing. Haha

Yep. It was a lot of fun! It was nice catching up with Carolina. Haven’t seen her since, June. Yes. Amazing fun!

Then Saturday. In the morning, woke up early and went for a walk with my mom.

Oh this pond. Haha memories.

After the park, we went to go shopping and I got so much stuff!!

First Denim Jacket!! Too hot to wear it right now.

Yep. Then it was a fine day at work. Then night came along and changed ALL OF THAT. I died. Mentally and physically. Horrid day. But by the end of the night, I receieved these precious things!

My degrees! I feel so accomplished now!

Yes yes, then went to bed.

Sunday!! Today, a very happy birthday to my dear older brother!!

Partners in crime since 94!

Yeah, but he was working the whole day, and today was super HOT!! OUTSIDE AND INSIDE!!

OH MY. And on top of that, since I was tired, I didn’t go to the beach with my parents and little brother so I ended up watching more bollywood movies and made bows.

Solo movie day!

Yep yep. Around late 6-7pm my brother came home and we went to grab some mexican food. It was awesome.

Yep and that’s it. Oh here are my bows!!

9 for the fellowship of the ring!!

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