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Monday shopping. And Tuesday Baking

So, got paid last week and deposited my check Monday. I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH.

$67 worth of crafting things!! My goodness!! I am so bad. I got a whole lot of ribbon and stickers. (Like I need anymore!) Haha


And yep. At night though, since there was scheduled blackout due to the construction on the telephone poles on our street, my mom took me out mall shopping. Been a while since I’ve gone there. I got my boots!! And a few shorts and a button up. Yes. From the men’s section because it was PRETTY.

Here are mah BOOTS!!

And yes. Then the blackout at home started at late 8pm-9pm. It was strange. We were all in the middle of doing something and them -BAM- Silence and darkness.

It was quite exciting to be honest. So spent the rest of the night riting on my laptop that was fully charged thankfully.

Yep, now on Tuesday, I cleaned the kitchen (deep clean- meaning stove, oven, and fridge) then went to the dentist, then had a bake day!!

It was a lot of fun with my friends Erika and Ashley. ❤  it was dinosaur themed and we couldn’t find any small dinosaurs so we stuck with chocolate ones. 🙂

Yeah, totally morbid, I know.

Some chocolates had air bubbles, or broke, but we managed. Haha

My dear sweets!!
I love these girls!!

And yes. It was a lot of fun and we made so much!! Cleaning wasn’t as bad as I thought. It took at max 45 minutes.

That made me happy.


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