So yesterday was my FIRST time ocean fishing and it was FUN! well…. kind of.

I went with my dad and brothers, and that was exciting! We, of course, were running on 3 hours of sleep. I thought I was doing well when it was in the morning, but as the day went on, I totally overestimated my sleep.


The waves were so nice, they lulled me to sleep a few times, I got scared I might fall off when standing on the edge of the boat!

But anyways, as we got started, we saw birdies! These little creatures. Yeah. On the boats as if they owned it. Haha oh tiny birdies probably laughing at these sad humans. Well anyways…

We got on and loaded up the live bait. (My first time using the live sardines)


Yeah it was a very interesting seeing them catch the fishies and putting them into the basin for the baits. Soon we were off to the ocean! And let me tell you, it was interesting. Very rocky and very unstable. My brothers and I enjoyed the hour and a half trip out there. The sky looked so beautiful!! And, you guessed it, kind of dozed off during the ride.

But WE SAW DOLPHINS! Look!! They are real cool!!


Here is the anchor. We stayed by the bow because there was a nice spot to sit.



Here are the poor souls that we used to try and catch tuna.


The ocean waves were beautiful. I loved the big blue color. It was really inspiring. Got my heart racing!!


And here is my dad, the amazing fisherman!


And my awesome brother…. who hates photos. Ah well!


Towards the end of the trip, we were so tired and the ocean sprayed my face so I washed the sea water off. Yeah, it didn’t help so much when I fell asleep under the sun on the journey back!! Oh dear the pains of being outdoors and forgetting to protect your skin!!

No matter, saddest thing on this trip was the lack of fish that our whole boat was facing. None of the fish were having it that day. How sad! Oh well.

That is all I have to say about the first fishing trip of the summer for me!

Oh yes, I forgot about the sad parts of the trip. Well, being the one who wanted to go with my dad, I didn’t get sea sick, my brothers were a different story to me. They felt the FULL extent of sea sickness and did not look too good at all.

Another thing that happened was this:


Don’t know if you can tell, but this my friends, is my camera. YES, it is broken. UGHH, now for a new one.

Sad, this one was working fine earlier on the trip. Maybe I hurt it. 😦 How sad!! All right, well looks like it was due for a new one right?

That’s all I promise. Haha good night~


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