Daily Rant

Backyard cleaning.


Yep, it’s cloudy now, but earlier it was H-O-T and super sunny!

We were cleaning the chickens underneath the blazing sun. We started to clean it because we are starting tonhave a rat/mice problem. But man, it still burned. Thank goodness we moved the cages all to the corner where there was shade at least so I didn’t get a sunburn.


Now they are all clean and happy! Sadly one cage had mites. Ewww. But we cleaned them, and HOPEFULLY they died.


Look! My Ingrid is sitting on a new nest of eggs! It makes me super duper happy! 😀


Also got the chance to clean these buggers. My goodness they got so big. My turtle babies. Haha yep.

Just showered after cleaning because let me tell you, I was SOAKED in sweat. It was definitely gross.

But hey, need to clean the pets somehow right?


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