So it stands.

I truly wonder how this friendship is.

Maybe I’m looking at it differently, MAINLY because I do have these feelings and thoughts towards him.

It is hard to tell. Honestly it really is. He is much older than I, maybe I might seem like a child in his eyes?

I don’t know. Nicknames he has given me make me wonder whether he does this with others.

I can’t say he might feel the same way for me because he truly is a mystery to me. But in some way, he is a comfort to talk to. I enjoy having conversations with him. We have an even flow, but without telling him what I feel, it’s unclear.

I am tempted to tell him, yet I don’t want to ruin what he have just uncovered.

So it still stands. This wonder and this confusion.

Maybe I am just being selfish with his friendship thinking it can lead to anything more.

How insensitive of me.


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