This whole day.

I was working this whole day. He texted me one text this morning. And I think he is busy so he’s not responding.

No matter. I just could not keep him off my mind at all!! We were slow at work too and my goodness, he was nestled between my work mind and my breaks.

I don’t know if he’s thinking about me too, but-


okay. Now I am safe. Sorry. It’s not like I’m an arachniphobe or anything, it’s just a little unnerving to find one under your covers.

Anyways. Yes. I can’t seem to shake him off no matter what! Maybe I’m crazy. He told me whatever goes on between us will be nothing but friendship.

I know. Friend zoned. But WHY does he have to play off on me?! WHY?!

It kind of frustrates me. But then again, he makes my heart race and my face blush like no other.

Oh dear. well tis late. Guess I can sleep this off.


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