Adventures · Daily Rant

Monday: Babysitting.

So it has been a while, but anyways, my week has been good.

I totally missed out on tell all of you about my Sea World trip on Saturday!

Ugh. It was amazing though!! Saw many aqesome things. Like SHARKS! SHAMU! And… TURTLES!! haha


Yep. But anyways. About Monday.

My grandma was hospitalized due to her having a panic attack. Not to worry. She is doing better. Thankfully she has gained her strength back. I think she just needed a break from my cousins. Haha

So got to see all my babies. They missed me so. Awww.

Also went to pick up the kiddies from school and made little pincone things.


Yep. The remind me of fall. Haha

Then it was around 4 and my parents came to pick me and my little brother up. We went to Mission bay as my dad trained for his marathon.

My mom, little brother and I walked around the beach.


He is seriously such a giant!

Anyways I found some awesome rocks on the way too. It was nice!


Then we took a little detour through Old Town. I almost forgot how amazing my city history was. Haha


Yep. Then after we went to visit my grandma. It was an eventful day. šŸ™‚


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