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Yesterday: Hike, Heat, Boo boos, and Chores

So yesterday was my day off.

My first Saturday off. Ut was quite ground breaking. Bever had a scheduled Saturday off. Only for requested days, but it was my Saturday off!

Yes. And so it began. In the morning, I woke up late. But decided that I haven’t gobe hiking in a while. So, woke up my dad and he took my little brother and I to Lake Hodges. (Photos I’ll post later)

Yeah it was around 10, and in socal, it gets HOT. so we suffered in through 2 hours of it. I ended up falling on the trail and scraping my knees. 😦 what a klutz I am.

But then we were about 30 or 40 minutes away from the top, and I told my dad we should head back because of the amount of chores I had.

My dad was a little disappointed. But I said maybe another week. So we went home. I showered because let’s face it, being under the sun for 2 hours up an incline,  you get really sweaty.

After that I began the chores. Oh the pain. Cleaned both bathrooms down and then did laundry. I was so tired!

But it was a good Saturday. 

Now I’m at work and my body kind of aches. I am so out of shape. Haha!


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