Late night conversations and dreams.

Well, I caved and decided to text him a picture yesterday.  It was nice really. We got to talk after my work shift which ended at 9:30 at night.

We continued to text into the early morning. Our last text to each other was about what type we prefer to date. He never answered back. But then again he went to Nebraska with his dad right now. So we’ll see. He probabaly fell asleep.

But anyways, I had a strange dream. Yes, I have had him in a few dreams before, but no. This was the first dream he’s ever kissed me. I don’t know. It makes me adore him even more. But it will end up breaking me because there might not be anything there at all. And I’m definitely scared of that.

*sigh sigh*

The dream has lifted my spirit for today’s day of work, but the end was sad though. We were at a field trip and I was calling him to see where he was, and he never answered. It was like he disappeared.

I guess that’s kind of like how we are sometimes. We talk and have a good time one moment, then another he’s just gone.

Maybe I’m just overthinking and focusing a lot on me. How can I be so self-involved in his life? Oh the woes of adoring someone from a distance.



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